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Development partners, Mayors and Ministers: « all partners » for the rise of local governments


The doors have closed at the 7th edition of the Africties this 3rd December 2015 at the Sandton Convention Center.  During the conference delegates and stakeholders attended a political dialog between Ministers, mayors and development partners before the official closing ceremony.  

From the different addresses, there is one assessment: The agreement between the three parties about Africa’s transformation has one main objective: overcome the inequalities to achieve the development of the continent.  

‘’We wish to become actors » of the development of Africa said the mayors who claimed for « more focus on the local governments » at each country level. Local leaders want to “restore confidence and dialog among the people”.

Mayors advocate for more « credibility » through « better and more rigorous management » in their territories. Access to finance is a point of concern for the local authorities who claim for more “capacity” combined with “more synergy between national and local authorities”.

The Ministers attending the Africities equally expressed their wish to see “more efficient local governments”.  They do not undermine the predominant role of local authorities. Ministers undertook to work more closely with local authorities in the implementation of the reforms that will require follow up for more efficiency.   

Development partners equally advocate for an « inclusive growth » of the continent suggesting “better resource mobilisation“ in favour of local governments promising henceforth to “work directly” with local authorities.